About Us

A rich history, an exciting future

Since 1965 we've helped more than 350,000 Queenslanders create a better future for themselves and their families. Sure, we've developed a comprehensive range of banking and other financial products – which you'll find outlined within this brochure – but we like to think our work goes beyond just that. It's the support and guidance we extend to each and every customer that truly sets us apart. And we look forward to providing the same for you.

What started as the Queensland Teachers' Credit Union all those years ago has since grown to become a leading provider of loans, bank accounts and insurance for all Queenslanders. In 2011 we became QT Mutual Bank – one of Australia's first mutual banks – and now have a network of 14 branches right across the state.

The next exciting chapter begins in 2016, when QT Mutual Bank combines with Queensland's largest club, RACQ. This merger has been created with our members' interests at heart; to provide them with an even greater range of quality products and services all designed to make their everyday life, and their future, that little bit easier.

My parents were some of the very first members of Queensland Teachers' Credit Union, and I’ve had my accounts there since I was born. I’ve stayed with QT Mutual Bank because of the personal service. I’ve kept everything with QTMB, from my first car to now my home loan.

Jacobie and Attila.