How to get your dream job

Who should apply?

Anyone that is motivated, driven and has a positive attitude. We realise that everyone needs that first break into their dream career, which is why we consider a candidate’s positive attitude to be one of the most important criteria during the recruitment process. We also consider a candidate’s skills, knowledge and experience and how these will assist them perform the role they are applying for. We believe that ultimately, success comes down to attitude.

Recruitment process

To ensure that we have the best results at the end of the recruitment process, we follow a standard process which entails the following steps:

Step 1. Apply online here by filling in an application form and submitting your resume and covering letter.

Step 2. The careers team and hiring manager will shortlist successful candidates based on experience, skills and knowledge.  A careers team representative will then contact the successful candidates within 10 working days to complete a brief phone screen interview.

Step 3. The phone screen interview will discuss your basic motivations for applying for the role, your skills and experience relevant to the role, as well as providing you with an opportunity to ask any questions.

Step 4. A careers team representative will contact successful candidates from the phone screen and invite the candidate to an assessment centre or simply arrange psychometric testing (depending on the role). QTMB will provide the results from this testing at the candidate’s request.

Step 5. All candidates will be contacted and those whom are successfully shortlisted will be invited to attend an interview with the hiring manager and careers team representative. The interview is your opportunity to find out more about the role and to ensure it matches what you are searching for with your next career move.

Step 6. The successful candidate will have at least two reference checks completed.  We encourage candidates to notify their referees to expect our call.

Step 7. All candidates will be notified by phone whether they are successful or not. The successful candidate will then be sent their employment contract and starter pack information by post.

Step 8. Upon commencement with QTMB, all employees must undergo a background screening which includes a criminal history check, a bankruptcy check, regulatory checks and any other checks relevant to your employment.

What we are looking for

QTMB is looking for motivated and driven individuals who want to make a difference to our members’ lives.  Our employees genuinely care about our members.  Frontline and head office employees all work to achieve the one goal of enhancing the member experience. We live by our QTMB brand service principles which focus on the service levels provided to our internal and external customers.

How to prepare for your interview

Interviews can be stressful, however at QTMB the interviewers are friendly and professional, so there is no need to worry.  Preparing for the interview can ease your nerves and lead to a more successful interaction.  Below are some tips to help eliminate the stress so that you can relax and enjoy the interview process.

  • Work out where the interview is to be held ahead of time and ensure you know how you will get to the location. Leave ample time so you are not late. Take a careers team contact number with you in case you encounter an unavoidable delay.
  • Be professionally presented.
  • Research QTMB.
  • Familiarise yourself with the job advertisement.
  • Prepare any questions that you may have.

Recruitment privacy policy

When you apply for a role with QTMB or our associated entities, you consent to QTMB accessing your personal information including your name, address, contact details, resume, employment details, referees, background checks and results from your psychometric testing, if completed.

Any information collected by the careers team during the recruitment process will be used only for the purpose of recruitment by QTMB and our associated entities. This information may be disclosed to referees, security organisations, recruitment agencies and other third parties who perform services on our behalf during the recruitment process. QTMB staff and external agents are bound by strict confidentiality requirements. We will obtain your consent before disclosing any personal information.

QTMB has a privacy policy which it adheres to when collecting personal information.  A copy of the current policy is here.