What QTMB can offer you

Career progression

Personal development of our employees is a focus area for QTMB. When we have new vacancies at QTMB we always look at our internal talent before advertising to external candidates. QTMB has approximately 220 employees so our management and human resources team know you by name, not by your employee number, which is great for performing employees looking to fast track their careers!

Career development is an ongoing process at QTMB.  We continually review and update our current training and career progression programs to ensure our employees have the best opportunity for success.

Training and development

QTMB is committed to the continuous learning and development of our employees. Here are examples of current opportunities and programs that are available to our staff:

  • Comprehensive two week induction program for frontline staff.
  • Opportunity to undertake nationally accredited training (dependent on role).
  • Ongoing coaching and support from the learning and development team.
  • Individualised learning and development plans which take in to account each employee’s goals and career aspirations.
  • Study assistance programs.
  • Opportunity for flexible working hours to undertake further studies.
  • Opportunity to up-skill to different roles within the organisation.
The above-mentioned may change without notice and may be subject to our internal policies, management discretion and minimum tenure with QTMB.

Educational assistance

Continuous learning is embedded in our corporate culture.  To promote this, we provide our staff with different levels of study assistance.

Reviews, feedback and open communication

It is important for employees to know how they are performing and to receive regular feedback. We conduct regular one-on-one meetings, performance reviews and strive to continually provide informal feedback. We believe that strong communication is a key to success and aim to have an open communication environment and utilise our intranet as an integral tool to help increase communication throughout the organisation.

Competitive pay and rewards

Staff wages are reviewed annually to ensure we are continually offering competitive salaries. To reward our high performing employees, bonus payments are paid when we meet our annual targets and you meet your personal KPI's.

Frontline staff rewards

At QTMB you are rewarded for a job well done.  All frontline staff are eligible to receive sales incentives which will be discussed at the interview stage of the recruitment process.

Employee benefits program

All employees have access to QTMB’s benefits program which provides discounts on almost anything you can think of including groceries, fuel, electronics, clothing and holidays.

Discounted banking products

Eligible employees have access to a suite of discounted banking products from their everyday accounts to discounted home, investment, car, and personal loans and overdrafts. Discounts can also be claimed on our CGU Insurance products.

Corporate uniforms

All employees are eligible to receive a generous uniform allowance to choose items from our stylish corporate uniform collection. Garments in the collection are modern and the styles vary to suit every size and shape. Corporate uniforms are mandatory for frontline employees while head office staff can choose to opt out and wear their personal corporate attire if preferred.

Social Club

All Social Club members have access to great benefits such as discounted movie/theatre tickets and activities, staff raffles, free lunches and many more fantastic deals and events.

Engagement surveys

As a part of our continuous improvement strategy, our employees participate in regular engagement surveys. The feedback received is considered and actioned appropriately.  This assists us to grow as an organisation.

Work / life balance

We understand that everyone’s needs are different and in some circumstances, we are willing to adapt flexible working arrangements to suit employee needs. Some things that may be possible, where the role and business can accommodate it, are part-time or casual arrangements or flexible start and finish times.

Maternity leave / parental leave

Having a child is a magical time in your life so at QTMB we support you and also offer a top-up payment option over the Government allowance, to provide for up to 12 weeks paid maternity leave based on length of service. We also provide 2 weeks of paternity leave to the non-primary care giver.

Health and safety

Best health and wellbeing strategy - finalist 2013We care about your safety and are committed to ensuring a secure, safe and healthy environment for all our employees and members. In addition, we have introduced many initiatives to ensure our employees have the access and support for healthy options such as a Weight Watchers at Work program and BUPA corporate health membership deals. Our Head Office is in close proximity to several gyms, has showers and change rooms for all employees to use. We also offer annual flu vaccinations and other health initiatives for QTMB Staff. In 2013 QT Mutual Bank was a finalist for the HR Awards, Best Health & Wellbeing Program.

Employee Assistance Program

Our Employee Assistance Program has trained counselling professionals on hand 24/7 to assist employees and their families to deal with work or personal issues that may arise.

Equal opportunities

QTMB is an equal opportunity workplace. We encourage diversity and have zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment. We value all employee ideas and encourage an ‘outside the box’ approach.