In 1965 a group of teachers created Queensland Teachers’ Credit Union, so that they could lend money to other teachers.

From this small beginning, our range of financial products and services soon expanded. We developed a reputation for delivering a personal banking service, and our more competitive interest rates attracted all Queenslanders. As a result, our membership expanded beyond teachers and is now made up of Queenslanders from all walks of life and from all corners of our great State.

We’ve enjoyed many proud moments and achievements over the years. Amongst many others, we were the first in Australia to install an ATM in 1977, and in 1988 we were the only credit union to have a display at the World Expo in Brisbane.  

2011 has seen some of our most dramatic changes, as we became one of Australia’s first mutual banks. As a result, the Queensland Teachers' Credit Union is now known as QT Mutual Bank Limited.

We’ve experienced an exciting evolution, and although our name has now changed, we’re proud to say that the values and principles we held in 1965 are still those which we stand by today.  

Mission statement

We exist to enhance the financial well-being of our customers by delivering personalised solutions.

My parents were some of the very first members of Queensland Teachers' Credit Union, and I’ve had my accounts there since I was born. I’ve stayed with QT Mutual Bank because of the personal service. I’ve kept everything with QTMB, from my first car to now my home loan.

Jacobie and Attila.