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  • Welcome to Knowledge Bank

    Welcome to Knowledge Bank

    Thanks for dropping by and checking out the new QT Mutual Bank blog, which we’ve called Knowledge Bank. We can’t wait to share a whole range of useful and interesting information with you in the future, and we hope you can’t wait to come back time and time again to read it.
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  • Tips

    Tips to reduce bank fees

    Hand up if you like paying bank fees. Didn’t think so. No one does – especially when the fees are avoidable. So we’re here to show you how you can reduce the amount of bank fees you pay, hopefully helping you get a little bit in front.
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  • Consolidate super fund

    Why consolidate your super?

    If you’re like many Australians, you’ll have superannuation accounts open with several funds. This generally happens because different employers can have different default super funds, and most of the time employees just go with the default when they start a new job. So you’re not alone.
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  • Buying a used car

    Buying a used car

    Considering the decrease in value that most new cars experience the moment they’re driven out of the dealership, buying second hand makes a lot of sense. You can often get more for your money, and maybe even some extra inclusions that you mightn’t have been able to afford otherwise.
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  • Overseas card

    Taking bank cards overseas

    With the global economy now more connected than ever, it makes so much sense to take your bank cards with you when you travel abroad. Not only are they widely accepted, but they also enable you to make cash withdrawals at ATMs when you need to. Plus, it’s much safer than carrying huge wads of cash.
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  • Minimise credit card debt

    Ways to pay less credit card interest

    Many of us have credit cards these days – after all, they can offer a convenient way to purchase things. But the trick is knowing how to use your credit card effectively, to make sure it doesn’t get the best of you.
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