Home buying guide

We'll help you tick all the boxes.

See how you can prepare, plan and purchase a better home with QT Mutual Bank. Click here now to book a conversation with one of our friendly home loan advisers at your place or ours.

Get ready

Saving the recommended 20% deposit for a new home can take discipline, but there are lots of ways you can work smart and save more. At QT Mutual Bank, our experts help you maximise your savings and get ready to buy faster.

Get set

With a deposit and plan in place, it’s time to set the wheels in motion. Determining how much you can afford (including all the costs buying a house incurs) will help you house hunt with confidence. Setting your home loan up properly to suit your current and future circumstances and goals is vitally important, and can save you big time down the road.

Go for it

Having explored your options with a QT Mutual Bank adviser, you can go find the perfect property and make an offer you know you can afford.