Because why is always more important than what.

When you start thinking about the why rather than the what, it changes your approach to just about everything. Even banking.  It certainly changed ours. 

We offer loans and transaction accounts. We do our very best to provide the most competitive interest rates possible. But that’s only what we do. And what we do is not nearly as important as why. 

We do it so someone can create a home for their family. We do it so someone can provide a safe drive home from school with the kids or a road trip on the weekends. 

We do it so someone doesn’t need to stress about how they are going to enjoy their retirement. We do it so the little boy that deposits half his pocket money every week grows up to learn the value of paying yourself first. We do it so the profit we make has a purpose. We do it, because we want to see everyone get a little bit in front. 

A past we are proud of. 

For a long time we were known as Queensland Teachers' Credit Union, and it’s a past we are very proud of. Teachers and education have always been very important to us, and always will be. After all, if it wasn’t for a group of teachers that got together all those years ago, we wouldn’t exist. But today, we are here to help everyone get a little bit in front. 

A future we believe in.

Sometimes taking action today can have a big impact on tomorrow.  That’s why we’ll always strive to support Queensland’s youth because a little help now can lead to a much brighter future for everyone. Through our support of other organisations and our very own programs we help thousands of students every year improve their sense of self and achieve their own personal bests.

My parents were some of the very first members of Queensland Teachers' Credit Union, and I’ve had my accounts there since I was born. I’ve stayed with QT Mutual Bank because of the personal service. I’ve kept everything with QTMB, from my first car to now my home loan.

Jacobie and Attila.