Teacher, Newmarket

QTMB member since 2012

I switched my mortgage to QT Mutual Bank last January. I’m a teacher, so the school holidays is the only time I do get stuff done! I had savings accounts with QTMB and I wanted to have all my finances in the one area – it’s easier to manage.

The type of mortgage and the rate sold it for me really. I’m on the Teachers Life Package, and I receive a discount because I’m a registered teacher. My loan is split, so if I get a little bit in front I can make extra repayments and this means I’ll own my flat sooner,

Getting a little bit in front to me is all about freedom. I’ve been able start my renovations with the money I saved switching my loan to QTMB – I’ve got a brand new kitchen, and today I got a quote for a new bathroom too. I didn’t think I’d be able to afford this, but the branch staff helped me set up my payments, and now I know what I can cover each month. It makes everything less stressful and much more enjoyable.

I go to Stafford and the branch is so friendly. I really like the people there. The branch manager, Sean, is a great man – he always comes out of his office to shake my hand and have a chat. I don’t think I’ve known a branch manager’s name before in my life! But that’s part of the difference with QTMB, the staff treat you like an individual person and I think that’s really nice.

Being a little bit in front with QTMB makes the world of difference. I love my bank and I think they’re absolutely brilliant.