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  • Credit card

    Credit card considerations

    While credit cards can be really convenient, this can come at a price, with extra costs to keep in mind. So before you rush out and apply for a card, it’s worth taking the time to look at which one may be best suited to your needs, and whether or not you’ll actually be able to afford it. Below we give you an overview of some of the things to consider.
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  • Selling home

    The best time to sell in QLD

    There are many different opinions on the best time to sell a property in the Sunshine State. To settle the score, we take a look at some of the facts and figures, and the pros and cons of the different times of year.
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  • Share house

    Living in share house harmony

    Dependable on the setup, share houses can be great. If you’re living with one or more friends, it can be a fantastic experience, allowing you to get to know your mates better than ever and create some long-lasting memories.
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  • Schoolies

    Your Schoolies financial survival guide

    Okay, so you’re in your final year of school. Congrats on making it this far! While you’ve still got that little matter of study and exams to factor in, your mind is probably starting to wander towards November, when the biggest celebration of your life will unfold. Yep – Schoolies.
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  • Tax tips

    Tax tips for teachers

    If you’re a teacher, you’ll know that when it comes to stocking up the classroom with all those extra materials, you often have to foot the bill yourself. Sure, you may get an allocated amount of money from your school, but this can only go so far – especially if you want to create a really engaging and interesting learning environment for your students.
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  • Budgeting tools

    Becoming a better budgeter

    So you’ve got an idea planted in your mind. That dream holiday. The backyard pool. That new home entertainment gear. Whatever it is, you want it to become a reality. But how are you going to go about paying for it?
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