Supporting Communities

For QTMB, supporting the communities which we serve is never about corporate duty. Rather, we have a deep seeded belief that the profit we make should have a purpose, so in addition to improving products and services for our members, we’ll look for opportunities (big and small) to help out the local communities in which we operate. Not to simply tick a box labelled Corporate Social Responsibility, but because we want to.  After all, we want to help everyone get a little bit in front. Not just those who bank with us. Because we know those who do bank with us, would love to know they are helping out too.

Education Sponsorships

For a long time, we were known as Queensland Teachers’ Credit Union. And although today we are here to help everyone get a little bit in front, education will always be close to our heart. So to honour our past, but to also support a very worthy segment of our community we continue to support a range of educational initiatives.

Global Community Sponsorships

Creating a better future means extending our support to places far from home. And while we might be small, size has nothing to do with heart. And we have a lot of that! While there are a million causes we could lend our support to, when we came across a project being undertaken in Myanmar, it made our hearts smile. In short, funding offered by three customer owned banks (including us) provide loans to local residents and the interest paid on those loans is used to pay teachers’ salaries who previously received no payment for their work. Given our history in education it just made sense. We’d love it if you read more about the amazing opportunities you are helping to provide to this community in need.

My husband and I refinanced our mortgages to QTMB about two and a half years ago. The branch staff were very helpful, and sorted out the loan for the house we now live in, and helped us turn our second property into an investment property.

Charlotte and Michael.