Banking doesn’t need to be confusing. In fact, we don’t want you thinking about it at all. That’s because life is busy enough without having to keep track of things like the number of transactions you’ve made, or whether you are getting a competitive rate on your savings. Whether you’re a saver, a spender or somewhere in between, we’ll take the time to help you set up your accounts so you can lower fees and maximise your interest.  We can even help you set up an automatic savings plan. After all, helping you get a little bit in front is what we do.

Transaction Accounts

For everyday access to your money we have several account options.

Savings Accounts

When you are saving having a goal in mind helps. A great interest rate makes achieving it a little easier.

Credit Cards

With two cards to choose from, our MasterCard range provides the perfect solution no matter how you use choose to use your credit card.

Investment Accounts

Knowing what you want your investment to achieve will help you determine the best option for you. Either way, we'll offer you a great rate. 


A financial package for over 50s. Being mature has its advantages. You know more. You’re less likely to make mistakes. And you get access to Zest – a financial and lifestyle package that provides you with exclusive benefits designed to save you money across a range of areas.

I switched my mortgage to QT Mutual Bank last January. I’m a teacher, so the school holidays is the only time I do get stuff done! I had savings accounts with QTMB and I wanted to have all my finances in the one area – it’s easier to manage.